Our Classes

Our main campus is in Lalazar in the SLS Lalazar Montessori building on Tulsa Road.  The Lalazar campus is currently a five-year school with a Year 6 starting in August 2013.  We take in students aged 4-14 years into our introductory Year I and Year II. 

We inaugurated our second campus in March 2013 in Harley Street in the SLS Lane 6 Harley Street building.  The Harley campus currently only has an introductory Year 1, and one additional year will be added to the school every year.


These beginner’s classes introduce students to the basics of English, Urdu and Math. The curriculum we follow teaches pre-reading skills like phonemic awareness and letter and sound recognition. Initially all learning is oral. Then tracing of capital and small letters, three letter words and basic math concepts are introduced.

year III

Oxford University Press, Pakistan Syllabus for Class 1 for English, Urdu and Math. We introduce Science, Social Studies, Arts and Crafts and Singing.

Year IV

Oxford University Press, Pakistan Syllabus for Class 2 for English, Urdu and Math.

Science, Social Studies, Arts and Crafts, and Singing continue. Students start participating in the British Council Global School Partnership (GSP) programme which involves letter-writing with students in the U.K. There are in-depth discussions about geography, diversity and cultural differences. Students at Bostaan’ilm and in the U.K. work on joint curriculum projects and then exchange their finished projects by post.

Year V

Oxford University Press, Pakistan for Class 3 for English, Urdu and Math.

Science, Social Studies, Arts and Crafts, Singing and the GSP projects continue.

Year IV and Year V go on an annual school field trip. A Character Building book is used, covering topics such as eating healthy and child labour, gender differences and discrimination. The age group of each class is kept in mind as these discussions and activities take place.

Another important activity is the yearly Awareness of Child Sexual Abuse class held by the Managing Director.