Edventure Programme

Become Part of Our Edventure!

[Education + Adventure = Edventure]

Interested in social work?  Want to volunteer at an NGO?  Want an impressive resume or a letter of appreciation?  Are you up for an adventure?  Wish to make a difference in your community and in others lives?  If so, you can get all that just around the block! Volunteer at Bostaan’ilm!

What’s in it for you?  Imagine mentoring children ages 4-14 in groups of 5 to 25.  Picture yourself inspiring them to be better students, better citizens, and better humans.  You can make a difference.  Most of these children come are growing up in tough circumstances.  You can be a friend.

Universities and companies both in Pakistan and abroad are looking for applicants who stand out.  After your volunteering period is over we will give you a letter of appreciation and we’ll always be open for letters of recommendation later on in your life.  So whether you plan on studying/working in Pakistan or abroad, know that a letter from an NGO and volunteer hours on your resume will do wonders.

What can I teach?  You teach whatever you like!  Our basic subjects are always there. Other ideas we throw out are Singing, Music, Painting, Reading, Games, Languages, Computers, Character Building, History & Culture, Writing, Story-telling – the sky is the limit!

How can I volunteer?  Volunteer Applications for Students and Non-students are available with Shaheen Zulfiqar, the Office Manager.  All you have to do is drop by during Bostaan’ilm’s office hours (12 noon to 2 pm) in Lalazar and pick up an application form.

When can I volunteer?  If you’re volunteering for the basic subjects of English, Urdu, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art you will work with the class teacher’s schedule to come in any time between 2 pm to 5 pm.  If you wish to volunteer for a different subject, you can choose any day Monday through Saturday to volunteer.  We’ll work with you to fit you in!