Hope Programme

The Hope Programme started in 2008 when 10 children graduated from Bostaan’ilm. The Result Day was a proud day for everyone but that question of “now what?” was at the back of everyone’s minds. Where do these children go, now that they have graduated from Bostaan’ilm’s primary school?

Our partner SLS decided to break barriers in 2008 and admit seven graduates who passed the admission test. These children were awarded a 92% concession in tuition and fees that will remain in effect until they graduate high school.

In 2009, 11 additional children graduated from Bostaan’ilm. Two other private schools in the neighbourhood joined hands with Bostaan’ilm – Saint Mary’s Academy and Jack & Jill School. Saint Mary’s admitted two graduates and Jack & Jill School admitted one, both offering substantial concessions.

As of 2013, SLS is supporting 10 Bostaan’ilm graduates. Saint Mary’s is supporting 3 boys and Jack and Jill is supporting 2 girls.

Private sponsors are fully sponsoring 8 additional girls and 3 boys.

If you would like to support the continued education of one of our Bostaan’ilm graduates at one of our partner schools, below is the approximate cost breakdown based on 2009: (TO BE UPDATED)

School Supplies:

2 tunics
2 ties
2 tunic shirts
2 pairs of socks
2 leggings
A pack of underwear
A pair shoes current size
A pair shoes one size big
A sweater and/or blazer

School bag/lunch box/water bottle
Approximately = Rs.6000

School Tuition: Class III for a year = 2000 x 12 = Rs.24,000

School Miscellaneous charges = Rs.2000

Total = Rs.32,000

Including optional pocket money Rs.20 x 20 days x 7 months = Rs.2800


Grand Total = Rs.34,800 – that’s only 400 USD and 300 GPB annually so our graduates can continue their quest of education.